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# Collar
# Cuff
# Bottom hem
# Background
# Sleeves
# Inner

Animation speed:

Static angles:

# Scene background

Layout size (mm):

# Text color

The dokanjor is free online T-shirt designer with 3D mockup preview. The editor allows you to upload photos, pictures, add text in different colors, move, rotate and scale objects — you can create your own T-shirt design!

You can create your own custom T-shirt design, rotate the 3D model, download the created PNG mockup, take a snapshot of the 3D scene in PNG format, and also record a video in WEBM format.

You can also change the color of the collar, sleeves, bottom hem, cuff, inner color, and print area color.

The editor is suitable for printing with technologies such as sublimation printing, heat transfer, direct to garment (DTG), screen printing, DTF printing and others.

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